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Howdy, Anupam Samodder

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About Me:

I am working as a Product Designer with almost four years of UX Design, Service Design, Prototyping, User study, Creative & Product Development experiences.

I am currently working for Albatross Technologies Limited as a UX Designer.

Before joining Albatross I was part of CareerKi's USAID project as a Product Designer. I have also worked for "Evaly Limited (evaly.com.bd) as a UX professional.

In my early career, I have started "PixelDigital" as a founder to help the startups for improving their brand presence. We served almost 100+ local and International brands within 1.5 years.

Additionally, I have augmented my learning experience with some technologies such as: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Bulma, SQL, BigQuery, Tableau, etc.